Press Event branding, theming and setup for a Company of Heroes 2 media event held at Relic Entertainment.

Digital marketing agency YDL worked with Sega to create the branding and theming for a Company of Heroes 2 community event held at the Relic Entertainment studio in Vancouver. The aim of this event was to give key community opinion formers quality hands-on time with the game, access to the development team and provide a memorable CoH2 themed experience.

YDL and its associated events planning team was tasked with delivering the design, branding, theming, and set-up of three rooms in an authentic World War II Soviet period style. Services provided by YDL included professional film set design, the sourcing of WWII era props, permanent branding fixtures, and management of the event setup and takedown.

Prop elements used and created included wood desks, chairs, 1940s era maps with detailed call outs, ornate pictures (Stalin), Soviet flags, desk lamps, typewriters, and WWII era weapons and military equipment.

Printed elements ranged from CoH2 branded vinyl wall and door prints, military paperwork, WWII era photos, and Soviet propaganda posters.

In essence, we achieved the look of a strategic command center, complete with demo stations, integrated in an environment that echoed the Soviet contingent of WWII.


Type: Design, Branding, Event Management


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