We have expanded our team! Meet Ashley Perfonic, our new Digital Marketing Content Editor.

Ashley is here to help us curate and edit meaningful and quality content to support our client projects. A Vancouverite at heart, Ashley is currently living in Montreal.

What excites you about working with YDL?

I am excited for the opportunity to work on a variety of projects across different industries. I get to apply my writing and editing skills in new ways to create digital experiences, and I get to work alongside some great friends.

How do you Live Life Connected?

Instagram – specifically with Nashville filter. I like sharing moments of my day and feeling like I am connected to friends and family even from across the country.

Best Thing About Vancouver?

I love that Vancouver is constantly developing so there are lots of restaurants, shops, and neighborhoods to explore. That combined with an amazing outdoor landscape with the ocean and mountains as your backyard and there really is no other city like it.

Best Thing About Montreal?

There is a real charm to Montreal with its old architecture and European lifestyle. So far I have been really impressed with the amount of arts and cultural activity in the city. There is always some sort of event or festival going on and it creates a unique vibe.

Posted on 18 - June - 2013 in Blog, Team

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